I have migrated to a new site! Please find me at https://mandyfroehlich.wordpress.com/. As of April 15th, 2017 this site will no longer be updated. Thank you!

About Me

Currently, I am a Director of Innovation and Technology where I provide professional development and teacher coaching as well as co-teach in the area of technology integration, along with the more technical aspects of overseeing a technology department. I am also the Public Relations Coordinator for edCamp Oshkosh, and the Director of Collaborate, Inspire and Innovate which gives me just another reason to spend more time on Twitter and other social media sites. At night, I teach two classes of Instructional Technology as an adjunct instructor for the University of WI - Oshkosh, and during the summer I am an adjunct for Marian University in which I provide technology professional development to other Wisconsin school districts. Finally, I have presented in the areas of technology, professional development, personalized learning and assessment at conferences such as WTI, Google Midwest Summit, TIES and ISTE.

I am passionate about learning and my profession in general, but my two favorite components of my position are being able to provide professional development to teachers and present at conferences. I believe that by providing these opportunities to teachers, I am in turn able to reach many more students and ultimately affect their learning experiences. Also, on a personal side note, I was insanely afraid of public speaking throughout my life until I reached college. At that time I took multiple public speaking courses to try to get over my fear of speaking in front of people to the point where it was silly for me not to declare it as my minor because I had so many credits. The ability to get up in front of adults (which is not the same as getting up in front of kids) and not bawl like a baby is one of my accomplishments that I'm most proud of. Just another reason I think I like providing PD and presenting.

At home, I have a husband and four of the most awesome kids I've ever met (although, admittedly, there might be a little bias there). I also have three dogs, all of which I love but one who is my best friend. We spend most of our time at sports of some kind, but we all love to travel. I can't imagine not being busy, and I love it.